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A1 Asphalt Maintenance offers premium rubberized crack sealants specifically formulated for superior pavement protection. Our rubber fillers are ideal for roadways, driveways, parking lots, and highways. A1 uses crackmaster supreme manufactured by sealmaster inc. Our fillers are flexible and allowed to move with the pavement. All cracks are charged per linear foot.

Why Crackfill?

Cracks that are left unsealed will allow water to settle in the crack and freeze and cause additional cracking due to the expansion of water and possible base washout leading to expensive repairs. It is imperative to have your cracks filled to keep your asphalt from breaking up. Crackfilling is a cost effective way to keep your driveway maintained. A1 Asphalt Maintenance recommends your cracks to be inspected at least every two years for residential driveways and yearly for parking lots and roadways.

Crack Routing

A1 Asphalt Maintenance offers the newest innovative technology when it comes to crack routing. We feature the Keizer Morris crack jet heat lance that burns @ 2800 degrees farenheit under 90 cfm compressed air. Not only do we clean the crack from all debris and dirt under pressurized air but the 2800 degree propane flame can etch the walls of the crack removing all moisture and exposing the asphaltic binders of the pavement for maximum adhesion and long lasting durability. We have the ability to route cracks that have been previously filled with rubber and new ones unlike the old method of drill bit routing that will bind and leave moisture behind.

Alligator/Spider Cracks

Areas known as spider cracks or alligatored cracking are areas that have a sub-base failure or lack of maintenance. These cracks are addressed by filling the perimeter of the area and the main joint through the center, cracks should be 1/4” or more wide to require the rubber filling. If you have area like this contact our sales staff and inquire about gator pave or hot asphalt patching.


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